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The workshops and retreats are excellent opportunities to improve your practice, deep your knowledge, to feel the effects of yoga and meditation and to learn more about different topics.

Be happy! Patricia helps and trains the people in any part of the world to use the power of breath to relax, cure and energize their body. Through old tantric you will learn to focus and expand your mind, calm and balance your emotions, and grow spiritually.

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terça-feira, 30 de maio de 2017

Yoga Teacher Training 2018

Next Yoga 200h Teacher Training

July 16th till August 4th 2018 in Saldanha, Lisbon.
Very close to the subway. There are many hostels and hotels where you can stay only 2min or 5 min from our Yoga studio.

For further information please visit our webpage: and click in Teacher Training in English

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